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Community Gardens - An Action Plan for Success


Are you an involved community leader, a neighborhood captain, an educator or just someone wanting to "get back to basics" in the local food chain? If so, and you are unsure of where or how to start, join us as an experienced community gardener, teacher and writer, focusing on food gardening in the Carolinas, walks you through the steps to organize, establish and maintain a successful, sustainable community garden. Learn how a garden can foster communities by providing fresh produce, promoting physical activity, encouraging opportunities for friendships and cooperation and ultimately benefit the wider community at large.


To organize, establish and maintain a successful and sustainable community garden by drawing on best practices from community gardens around the world.


Brief overview of community gardening around the US and around the world.

  • First steps - setting up the garden team, and deciding who the gardeners will be
  • Inventorying neighborhood assets and interest
  • Setting project goals and organizing tasks
  • Choosing the garden's organizational plan - individual plots v. group projects


Selecting the right site

Land tenure, insurance, and rent

Gardens on public land

Community garden design and installation

Safety in the garden

Soil safety and soil preparation

Recruiting gardeners and publicizing the project

Garden roles and rules - managing the garden, bylaws, and rules

Decision making and reacing consensus

Charlotte region vegetable growing basics for community gardeners

Controlling pests without dangerous chemicals


A community gardening yearly calendar

Communication and meetings

Dealing with diversity as an asset

Fundraising and grants

The importance of fun


Conclusion - next steps

[The group will visit a community garden during the class]


None - interest in starting a community garden project

Method of Instruction

In-class discussions and activities, along with illustrated talks on specific key subjects

Field trip to outside community garden(s)


Class attendance and participation