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Design Thinking for Social Impact


Are you involved in your community and the issues surrounding and affecting it? Do you want to be a problem solver within a motivated group for these complex issues? This course is targeted for those who want to work with groups in their community to find solutions to complex socio-cultural problems. The course will focus on a case study to analyze the problem and create ideas to have a positive social impact. Case studies will be determined at the start of the class, centered around a community issue and may involve client interaction. Classes may meet on campus or at client site.


Work with a partner organization to identify a civic challenge that is relevant to the community. Together with a group, the problem will be analyzed, existing research will be evaluated, and then an actionable data-kit will be developed to be used in the final workshop.


  • Identify collaborative partnership or generate one from existing sources
  • Research current social problem presented
  • Synthesize and evaluate research and information available
  • Generate ideas and develop concept for solution
  • Iterate, test, and learn process
  • Propose ideas for prototype and sustained solutions



Method of Instruction

Classroom and on-site project based


Final workshop presentation