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Food Systems Management By Design


This course is based on tasks that a team of Certified Dietary Managers has identified as common to most foodservice operations. These tasks represent current practice in the United States. As the driving force of any foodservice department, “The Menu” is the starting point. This course has been designed to build from that central concept. Food Systems Management addresses food service delivery systems and detailed management information from menus through recipes, forecasting, purchasing, inventory management, budgets, cost control, quality management, employee safety and more. This course has been approved by the Association of Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals. 79 hours classroom/50-hour preceptorship.



The learner will become proficient in human resources and menu development.


Chapter 1: Meal Service and Menu Style
Chapter 2: The Foundation of the Department
Chapter 3: Prepare Standardized Recipes for Food Production
Chapter 4: Standards and Procedures for Preparing Food
Chapter 5: Food Production Systems
Chapter 6: Preparation and Delivery of Between Meal Snacks Supplements
Chapter 7: Evaluate Food Acceptance and Satisfaction
Chapter 8: The Quality Process
Chapter 9: Position Analysis and Staffing Needs
Chapter 10: Recruit, Select and Hire Employees
Chapter 11: Ongoing Employee Education
Chapter 12: Employee Scheduling and Assignments
Chapter 13: Manage Department Personnel
Chapter 14: Plan and Implement Department Goals
Chapter 15: Manage Professional Communications
Chapter 16: Change Management
Chapter 17: Safe Food Handling: Personnel
Chapter 18: Safe Food Handling: Purchasing, Receiving and Storage
Chapter 19: Safe Food Handling: Food Preparation
Chapter 20: Safe Food Handling: The Physical Plant
Chapter 21: Manage the Operating Budget
Chapter 22: Manage the Capital Budget
Chapter 23: Department Design and Layout
Chapter 24: The Purchasing Process
Chapter 25: Revenue and Cash Handling
Chapter 26: Monthly Operating Statement and Variance Report


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Method of Instruction

Lecture, guest speakers, field trips, hands-on kitchen hours


Exams, classroom participation