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Therapeutic Nutrition


Content includes the basics of nutrition: food preferences and customs, dietary guidelines, digestion, nutrient needs throughout the life cycle, medical nutrition therapy; nutrition assessment/screening, implementing diet orders and care plans. 85 hours classroom, 50 hours (clinical) preceptor. Preceptor hours must be completed by the last day of class. They are scheduled individually by the preceptor and each student. Criminal background  check and health screening is required by preceptor facilities and must be completed prior to starting preceptorship. Textbook required and is purchased through the Association of Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals.


The student will be prepared for a career as Dietary Manager/ Food Service Manager.



 Association of Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals Orientation 


  • Chapter 1: Food Preferences and Customs 
  • Chapter 2: Identify Nutrition Concepts 
  • Chapter 3: Use Basic Nutrition Principles
  • Chapter 4: The Process of Digestion
  • Chapter 5: Determine Basic Concepts of Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Chapter 6: Explore Complementary and Alternative Therapies
  • Chapter 7: Document Nutritional Information in Medical Records
  • Chapter 8: Interview Clients for Nutrition Related Information.
  • Chapter 9: Conduct Routine Nutrition Screening
  • Chapter 10: Utilize NutritionIntake, such as Calories and Sodium
  • Chapter 11: Identify Nutrition Problems and Resident Rights
  • Chapter 12: Implement Diet Plans or Menus Using Appropriate Modifications.
  • Chapter 13: Implement Physician's Dietary Orders
  • Chapter 14: Apply Standard Nutrition Care Procedures
  • Chapter 15: Review Effectiveness of Nutrition Care Plan
  • Chapter 16: Help Clients Choose Foods from Selective Menus
  • Chapter 17: Conduct Nutrition Education
  • Chapter 18: Participate in Regulatory Agency Surveys



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Method of Instruction

Lecture, PowerPoint, Blackboard, field trip, class participation 


Exam:  yes

Class Participation:  yes

Demonstration of Skills:  yes