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Therapeutic Nutrition


Content includes the basics of nutrition: food preferences and customs, dietary guidelines, digestion, nutrient needs throughout the life cycle, medical nutrition therapy; nutrition assessment/screening, implementing diet orders and care plans. 85 hours classroom/50 hours’ preceptor placement.                                                


The student will be prepared for a career as Dietary Manager/ Food Service Manager.



 Association of Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals Orientation 


  • Chapter 1: Food Preferences and Customs 
  • Chapter 2: Identify Nutrition Concepts 
  • Chapter 3: Use Basic Nutrition Principles
  • Chapter 4: The Process of Digestion
  • Chapter 5: Determine Basic Concepts of Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Chapter 6: Explore Complementary and Alternative Therapies
  • Chapter 7: Document Nutritional Information in Medical Records
  • Chapter 8: Interview Clients for Nutrition Related Information.
  • Chapter 9: Conduct Routine Nutrition Screening
  • Chapter 10: Utilize NutritionIntake, such as Calories and Sodium
  • Chapter 11: Identify Nutrition Problems and Resident Rights
  • Chapter 12: Implement Diet Plans or Menus Using Appropriate Modifications.
  • Chapter 13: Implement Physician's Dietary Orders
  • Chapter 14: Apply Standard Nutrition Care Procedures
  • Chapter 15: Review Effectiveness of Nutrition Care Plan
  • Chapter 16: Help Clients Choose Foods from Selective Menus
  • Chapter 17: Conduct Nutrition Education
  • Chapter 18: Participate in Regulatory Agency Surveys



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Method of Instruction

Lecture, PowerPoint, Blackboard, field trip, class participation 


Exam:  yes

Class Participation:  yes

Demonstration of Skills:  yes