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Home Decorating Basics


Are you obsessed with decorating shows on TV, but aren't sure where or how to begin?  Join us in this introduction to home design class where you will learn the elements of interior design while completing in-class, hands-on activities to help you launch your own home projects. Class includes outside field trips to supplement in-class learning.


Learn about the:

  • Language of decorating and common terms
  • Home decorating basics, terms and standards to apply to your home projects
  • Decorating themes and styles
  • Ideas and patterns that can be used on home projects


1. Where to Start

  • Introduction:  What to expect from the course     
  • Cover the course outline
  • Color theory
  • Elements of design 

 2. Field trip to interior design studio, tile gallery and/or paint store

  • Hands-on class in fabric, carpet and wall covering selections
  • The history of furniture styles

 3. Depending on semester, second field trip or:

  • Begin space planning
  • Report on favorite designer or architect
  • Review pictures of, "rooms you hate," and, "rooms you love"
  • "What's Your Style" and "What's Your Color," quizzes        

 4. Finish space planning and go over Feng Shui color theory

  • Review last class material and take a quiz

 5. Begin working on color boards, rooms and space plans

 6. Finish color boards and in-class presentations




Method of Instruction

  • Lecture
  • Demonstrations
  • Completion of Color Boards and Grids
  • Outside Field Trip(s)


Exam:  None

Demonstration of Skills: Yes, through hands-on projects

Class Participation: Yes