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Beyond The Basics – Decorating Your Way – Arts, Accessories and Color


Join CPCC to dig deeper and apply a heightened awareness to the basics of personal home decorating. Learn how to add warmth and drama to your rooms with window treatments and lighting. Create your own personal style with art, accessories and color. Learn the skill of, "shopping out of the box." Explore ways to create a welcoming exterior and how to bring the freshness of nature into your home.


• Students will gain knowledge by adding a personal style to their basic home interior through the use of lighting, window treatments, art, accessories and color.

• Students will explore new creative avenues in shopping for furnishings.

• Students will learn how to create a welcoming home; both inside and out.


1. Introduction – How to decorate your home to reflect your unique personality.

• What is special about your home?

• What is unique about you?

• What do you dream about in your ideal room?

• Learn how to create mood and function with window treatments.

2. Lighting

3. Create your own magic with art, accessories and color.

• Conquer your fear of selecting artwork for your home

• How to frame and hang your artwork

• Select and arrange accessories to personalize your home

4. Wrapping it up…

• Shopping out of the box

• Creating a welcoming exterior

• Bringing the outdoors in with natural arrangements

5.  Saturday field trip - Topic TBD to enhance in-class design concepts


Recommended:  HMK 8300 Home Decorating Basics or previous decorating experience.

Method of Instruction

  • Lecture, demonstration, hands-on applications and outside field trip.


  • Exam:  No 
  • Demonstration of Skills: Yes
  • Class Participation: Yes