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Redesign – The Art of Decorating with What You Have


Using your current possessions, learn how to transform your home into a more inviting, re-invigorated living space.  Work with an established interior designer and home stager and pick up tips and tricks to restyle your home.  And best of all, minimize your outlay of expenses by recycling your current, beloved pieces into your new home design plan!


  • Students will apply knowledge and techniques gained in class to arrange current furnishings, accessories, and wall art into a more functional and aesthetically pleasing interior
  • Learn how the use of current possessions/furniture can be re-purposed in the decorating process


1. Introduction  

  • Assessing your needs
  • Learning the art of editing your furnishings
  • Working with a floor plan:  how to measure

 2. Students bring measurements and photos of their own rooms, sparking class discussion.  Students create floor plans in class for their own transformation at home

 3. Visit to a randomly selected student’s home for design advice and hands on transformation; Furniture, artwork, and accessories edited and rearranged with photos taken before and after

 4. Shopping field trip for low cost touches to complete the design

 5. Review and discussion of photos taken in various students’ homes  


None; interest in design and cost savings

Method of Instruction

Lecture, demonstration, power point slides and/or hand outs.


Class attendance and participation