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Course Title
Sewing II


Spark your joy of creative expression through the art of sewing!  As you take your sewing skills to a higher level, you'll gain confidence and versatility. Using our machines, review the basics, add proficiency to your skills and be ready to take on unique, personalized projects for your home or wardrobe.



Upon successful completion of this course, students will have:

  • Reviewed sewing machine operations
  • Learned the uses of the feet offered with your sewing machine
  • Created a reference notebook of sewing techniques useful for all projects
  • Learned about fabric, interfacing, and stabilizers needed for their projects


Class organization:

  •  Equipment needed for class
  •  Types of fabric and preparation for use
  •  Information sources – pattern envelope and catalog


Use of machine:

  • Various parts and functions
  • Winding bobbin, threading machine and stitching
  • Students practice these functions


Creation of a technique notebook:

  • Zippers
  • Making cording
  • Ruffling
  • Elastic
  • Various seam finishes
  • Top stitching
  • Basting
  • Pressing vs. ironing
  • Double needle (where applicable)
  • Facings
  • Button hole
  • Bias
  • Appliqué techniques


  • As time allows, instructor will help students choose a pattern to be begun in class.


Method of Instruction

  • Lecture and demonstration of all techniques
  • Hands-on work 
  • Discussion: questions are encouraged and always answered


  • Exam:  No
  • Demonstration of Skills:  Yes
  • Class Participation:  Yes