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Sewing I


Is there a home decor item or garment you are looking for in a specific fabric/design combination, but cannot find anywhere?  Make it yourself!  Join in the renewed wave of interest in sewing as you learn basic skills using our machines in this introductory class. Fabrics, patterns, needed supplies and much more are covered, equipping you to apply your new skills to your home design projects or garment making.  This class (or equivalent skills) is required for entry into the Alterations Certificate Series.



Students will learn:

  • The terminology of sewing
  • What supplies are needed 
  • The different types of fabrics
  • To select patterns and fabrics for your project
  • To set up and thread the sewing machine
  • To wind the bobbin and load it in the machine
  • To sew a seam, follow the seam guide, adjust stitch length, reverse the stitching, change a needle and clean the machine when putting it away
  • Learn to install a center zipper
  • Learn to sew a variety of types of seams
  • Learn to make one kind of buttonhole


1. Terminology

 2. Supplies

 3. Fabric and pattern selection

 4. Sewing machine set-up



Method of Instruction

Lecture, demonstration, hands-on


  • Exam:  No
  • Demonstration of Skills: Yes
  • Class Participation: Yes