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Course Title
N.C. Casualty Insurance Agent (Pre-licensing)


This course is approved by the North Carolina Department of Insurance (NCDOI) for individuals seeking a Casualty Insurance agent license, and recommended for those seeking an adjuster license. You will learn general terms and concepts associated with casualty insurance, personal and commercial insurance coverage and N.C. statutes and regulations. Upon successful completion, students will be eligible to sit for the state Casualty Insurance Agent Exam. Students seeking an agent license must attend 100 percent of the classes.        


To provide the basic understanding of casualty insurance practices and to assist the student to prepare for the state Insurance License Exam. This course is required for individuals seeking a Sales license and recommended for those seeking an Adjuster's license.


1. Terms and Concepts

2. Personal Insurance Coverages

3. Commercial Insurance Coverages

5. NC Statutes & Regulations Pertinent to Casualty Insurance

6. In-Class Final



Method of Instruction

 Lecture, Take-home quizzes   


Exam:  Student must make a grade of 80% or better to qualify for the Certificate of Completion to sit for the State Exam.

Demonstration of Skills:  Instructor Evaluation.

Class Participation:  N/A

Adjustor License Candidates currently have no requirements to attend any class or pass any exams prior to sitting for the State Adjusters License. However, it is highly recommended that adjustor candidates take the entire 24 hour course in preparation for the State exam. IT WILL GREATLY IMPROVE THE CANDIDATES ODDS OF SUCCESSFULLY PASSING THE STATE EXAM.