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N.C. Life Insurance Agent (Pre-licensing)


This course is approved by the North Carolina Department of Insurance (NCDOI) for individuals seeking a Life Insurance agent license. You will learn general terms and concepts associated with life insurance, annuities, policy provisions, options and various features, and N.C. statutes and regulations. Upon successful completion, students will be eligible to sit for the state Life Insurance Agent Exam. Students seeking an agent license must attend 100 percent of the classes.


Upon completion students should be able to discuss and explain the various lines for Life Insurance such as;  Whole Life, Term, Endowment, combination policies and basic forms, and non-traditional.  Students should also be able to interpret the regulations and laws specifically applying to Life Insurance agents and discuss the forms for various types of insurance.


1. Types of Individual Life Insurance   

2. Annuities   

3.  Policy Provisions, Options and other Features

4. Other Life Topics - Group

5. NC Laws Pertinent to Life Insurance



Method of Instruction

 Lecture, Take-home quizzes


Exam:  Student must make a grade of 80 or better to qualify for the Certificate of Completion to sit for the State Exam.