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Writing for Print, Online, Columns or Business Releases and Newsletters


Learn the ins-and-outs of writing from a pro and gain valuable insight into the world of writing aimed at a targeted audience. 


Upon completion of the course, you will learn:

  • The different types of stories - features, news, first-person and columns
  • The preparation and legwork necessary before you start to write
  • The writing process for possible submissions and publications


1. What is journalism?

  • How targeted writing should work
  • Types of jobs in printed news writing; online, internal news, feature news and opinion pieces
  • Course syllabus

2. On the writing process

  • Base work and preparation
  • Research and interviewing
  • Use of multiple sources

3.  Parts of the story: the writing pyramid of who-what-where-why-how

  • Leads and paragraphs
  • Examples of good and bad writing
  • What should an article contain?
  • Editing, proofing, fact checking and the AP Stylebook

-First writing assignment: You will be given a local topic to research, complete with interviews to write up as a news report or column

4. Review the writing assignment; discuss ethics

  • Society of Professional Journalist Code of Ethics
  • Honesty in reportage

5. Pitches and publications

  • What is news? How to find/create a sellable story
  • How to pitch your story
  • How to match the pitch to the publication
  • - Mini-assignment: Pitch a story idea to the instructor

- Second writing assignment: Write a feature story based on the pitch from Week #5

6. Review writing assignment and wrap-up

  • Additional information regarding taxes and what to do if you want to learn more (time permitting)


Basic writing skills preferred

Method of Instruction

  • Lectures, writing assignments, critiques and optional, weekly online session with instructor and other students


  • Exam:  No
  • Class attendance and participation:  Yes
  • Demonstration of skills:  Completion of outside assignments