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Advanced Creative Writing: Creativity Taken to the Next Level


Do you have a fiction or nonfiction story in the making? Are you feeling a bit uncertain about how to pull it together? Then this course is for you! You will examine the details of your creation and get tips on every facet of crafting a story, including structure, theme, motif, opening and more. With careful attention to detail your story will come alive. Learn how to create a page-turner which touches your reader's heart. Class time will include lecture, discussion and writing exercises.


  • Identify the central theme
  • Speak the unspoken
  • Keep the reader reading
  • Shape the story
  • Find a fitting motif
  • Add affective detail and complexity
  • Incorporate research material
  • Write an intriguing opening


  1. Components of a Story
    • Listing of components of crafting a story
    • Writing exercise for considering personal progress
  2. The Author's Intent
    • Lecture/discussion: How to identify the central theme
    • Lecture/discussion: How to keep the reader reading
    • Lecture/discussion: How to say the unspeakable
  3. Shaping the Story
    • In-class writing to find a fitting motif
    • Tips on how and where to add affective detail and complexity
    • Tips on how to research and effectively incorporate the findings
  4. Final Touches
    • Lecture/discussion: Why writers give attention at the end to the opening
    • In-class time for exploring alternative openings


Basic writing skills and/or JOU 8114 - Creative Writing

Method of Instruction

Lectures, handouts, discussions and writing exercises


  • Exam: No
  • Demonstration of Skills: Class participation and written assignments
  • Class Participation: Sharing of pertinent ideas, possible reading aloud and/or critiquing, in-class writing exercises