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Creative Writing


Are you ready to test the waters of creative writing but not sure where to start or how? Maybe you've written before, but long ago. Or, maybe you never had an opportunity to learn. This course will guide you as you let your creative thoughts roam. You will get tips on craft and practice as you use various imagination-stretching exercises, then write through in-class readings, discussions and  assignments, to build upon those ideas. This course will focus on fiction, creative nonfiction and depending on interest, poetry as a means to enhancing and structuring your writings.  Best of all:  no exams or grades to worry about!


  • Gain confidence in imaginative powers
  • Brainstorm for ideas through writing
  • Improve read-aloud skills
  • Invent fictional characters
  • Use a remembered emotion in creating a poem
  • Enliven nonfiction by using techniques of fiction


1.  Automatic Writing

  • Usefulness in coming up with ideas
  • Usefulness in silencing the editor within
  • How-to's

2.  Fiction

  • Tips on making up a character          
  • Choosing the narrative voice
  • How to make the character "real"

3.  Poetry - enliven your writing

  • Contemporary idiom: examples
  • Contemporary subjects: examples
  • How-to tips for making a poem

4.  Creative nonfiction

  • Giving nonfiction a personal twist
  • Making nonfiction come alive by using fictional techniques




Method of Instruction

Lectures, readings and handouts, discussions and written assignments


Exam:  No

Demonstration of Skills:  Yes

Class Participation:  Yes