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Just Write! A Weekend Writing Workshop for Writers


Write and write and write some more. The goal of this intensive, boot camp-style writing workshop is to help you find your words naturally and easily by writing quickly to prompts. Such prompts and working until the timer stops are proven to stimulate your creativity and remove your creative blocks. Whether fiction, short story, poetry or just capturing memorable experiences, this workshop will ensure writing success in a productive session. Write on your laptop or the page in this interactive session with other writers. New writers welcome, too.


  • Write a flow of words, unhampered by thoughts of inadequacy
  • Assess the results of free writing, to judge its potential as a tool to enhance writing skills
  • Quiet the negativity which crops up while writing
  • Allow words to surface without pre-thinking (as Stephen King says he does)


  • Learn to understand the value of the free write process in all writing endeavors
  • Tips for succeeding with the free write process as a writer
  • The read-aloud step: a method of judging your writing’s merits
  • Tips on choosing prompts at home to continue the free write exercises
  • A myriad of ways to explore your genre through free writing; example: fictional character and plotting via free writing exercises


An interest in writing and it’s processes

Method of Instruction

Lecture and in-class practice free write sessions


Class participation/attendance, in-class writing and reading, and interaction in class discussion time