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Screenwriting Workshop


Do you have a keen interest in writing feature-length scripts or developing a script idea?  Whether you are a fledgling screenwriter or have a work-in-progress, this workshop is for you.  Class time will focus on generating a story idea, creating an outline, script organization and structure, pitching your idea and writing the scene.  Students will learn to analyze narrative structure, openings and the all important elements of scenes.  Classroom instruction will include lectures, discussions, writing exercises, reading of scenes from produced scripts and possible film viewings.   Suggested supplemental text:  "Screenplay" by Syd Field  (Dell new edition).







Students will learn to:

  • Identify and present story concepts
  • Write the treatment
  • Set up the back story
  • Analyze proper screenplay format
  • Identify plot points
  • Set up structure into Acts I, II, III
  • Identify what makes a good character
  • Create dialogue and scene descriptions
  • Present outline and edited scenes

*All scripts for week 2 must be typed and in proper screenplay format.


Introduction to screenwriting.

  • What is a story?
  • What is a screenplay?
  • Generating ideas to pitch.

Pitching the idea.

  • The treatment.
  • Elements of narrative structure.

Act 1.

  • Elements of Act 1.
  • Openings.

Scene analysis.

  • Dialogue
  • Exposition

The "Business."


No experience required but this class assumes you have a keen interest in films/TV and a desire to write feature-length scripts. Those with a work-in-progress should bring in one-page summaries of their outline and main character biography to each class.

Method of Instruction

Lectures, discussions, writing exercises, readings of scripts, possible film viewings and sharing of student writings.

Active class participation is important.

Discussions will be approached in an orderly manner.


Exam:  No

Class attendance and participation:  Yes

Demonstration of skills and completion of outside assignments:  yes