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Marketing Your Writing - An Editor's Perspective on Successful Freelancing


Are you looking to supplement your income? Maybe start a second career? Join us and work with an experienced editor who will give advice and tips on how and where to market your freelance work. Topics include creating ideas that will sell, pitching your piece, the submission process, including revisions and rewrites, understanding a basic publishing contract, payments, budgeting and time management; the important key to a freelance writer's success.


  •  The importance of editing and critiquing of your work
  •  Identifying markets to sell your work
  •  Understanding the process of a written submission
  •  How to successfully work with editors
  •  Understanding the terms of a basic contract


1. Targeting a publication

  •  Basic publishing terms and parts of a publication
  •  Finding the right outlets for your work
  • Coming up with ideas that will sell

2. Tackling an assignment

  • Crafting the query letter
  • Editors’ pet peeves

3. Working with editors

  • What you need to know before you accept an assignment
  • Understanding a basic publishing contract
  • Negotiating the sale and fee for your work

4. The Submission

  • How to submit your completed story
  • Invoicing
  • The editorial process

5. Marketing your work

  • The essential skills of a freelance writer—beyond being able to write well
  • Promoting your work (and yourself)
  • Websites, social media, etc.
  • Networking, writers conferences and more

6. The business of freelancing

  • Time management
  • Billing/accounting issues
  • Tracking assignments/deadlines
  • Helpful tools and techniques



Method of Instruction

Lecture, possible outside writing assignments and in-class critiques and discussions


  •  Exam: No
  •  Class participation: Yes
  •  Demonstration of skills: Yes