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Creating A Blog Site: Personal Communication in the Electronic Age


In today's electronic world of social networking, with websites such as Twitter that limit how much you can "tweet," you can still stay in touch personally through blogging. Learn  to set up and create a blog dedicated to personal experience, writing and viewpoint. Understand organization, content and context. Define your writing style and grasp emotional issues involved in personal exposure in the blogosphere. You will also hone your writing skills for business and other forms of professional communication.


  • Learn to have fun with writing
  • Fine tune your writing style to meet the demands of blogging
  • Overcome writer's block and fear of embarrassment
  • Organize your thoughts, emotions, ideas and concepts
  • Polish your writing skills for business, professional, personal and other forms of communication
  • Commit to writing for the long haul


  1. A survey of the communication landscape: 
  • Why are you here?
  • What do you want/expect out of this class?
  • Expectations:  Continue texting and e-mailing as you do now
  • Commit to writing one personal blog entry each week
  • Adopt a minimum of organization; facilitated with the instructor's guidance
  • Learn to use writing formulas that work in blogging/personal writing

2.  Be prepared to share your writing (it's not mandatory to do so, but the willing may share)

3.  Organizational update:  How are you keeping track of what to write?  What have you written?  What's happening to your writing style?  What's working - and what isn't?  What will you write about next week?  How are you dealing with the fear, reluctance, avoidance - and the usual temptations not to write?

4.  What have you seen/experienced this week that is worth writing about?

5.  Transitioning from idea to idea and paragraph to paragraph

6.  Overcoming a nasty case of writer's block

7.  Writing about a single topic vs. lots of small items

8.  What impact does your blogging have on your e-mails, texts, tweets, etc.?

9.  Visits from staff of Charlotte Observer






None except a desire to write, blog and improve your methods of personal communication

Method of Instruction

Class Participation, shared discussions, writing exercises, personal readings (voluntary) and visits from professional writers



Exam:  No

Class Participation:  Yes

Demonstration of Skills:  Yes