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Narrative Nonfiction Writing-Techinque and Style


News and non-news writing (a.k.a. narrative nonfiction) share many traits; both hope to deliver good writing that taps into literary styles, organizational structure and approach, documentable subject matter and credible research and references. Narrative nonfiction also draws upon the writer's expertise, yet strives to be as factual as possible while upholding the truth of the story being written. In this class, the approach will be to do the basics well. Get the facts straight. Ask the right questions. Organize material. Write in a simple, clarified manner; be a jack of all trades; familiar with news, op-ed, opinion and other personal pieces.


  • Why organization and article structure matters
  • How to write news, news features, op-ed and personal styles
  • In news, students will learn to put aside their own views in favor or a more favorable approach
  • In non-news items, the student can express themselves more fully
  • How to conduct interviews and take accurate notes
  • The value of proofreading and editing and how to accept criticism
  • How to weave various writing and approaches to your work
  • Begin to find "your" writing style



Weekly writing assignments

Editing the work of others

Talk about your work while in class

Write news, first person, op-ed and other articles

Learn how to find outlets for your work


None; except a desire to learn to write narrative nonfiction in a factual, research based style

Method of Instruction

Lecture, examples, class-sharing and critiques, outside of class assignments


Class attendance and participation

Completed assignments/articles