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Course Title
Intermediate Spanish


Expand your Spanish skills to communicate as a tourist, traveler, or businessperson in a Spanish-speaking country.  The course will offer additional skills that have been attained during the first three beginning Spanish courses including additional vocabulary, cultural, and geographical features of Spanish-speaking countries.


Upon successful completion of this course the students will be able to:

  1. Communicate orally in both individual and group settings.
  2. Understand factors regarding Latin American countries.
  3. Master additional skills such as listening, reading, and basic writing.



New vocabulary will be introduced throughout the class.

Lesson I

    • The past participle

    • The present perfect tense

    • The past perfect (pluperfect) tense

Lesson II

    • The future tense

    • The conditional tense

    • Some uses of the prepositions a, de, and en

Lesson III

    • The present subjunctive tense

    • The subjunctive with verbs of volition

    • The absolute superlative

Lesson IV

    • The subjunctive to express emotion

    • The subjunctive with some impersonal expressions

    • Formations of adverbs

Lesson V

    • The subjunctive to express doubt, disbelieve, and denial

    • The subjunctive to express indefiniteness and nonexistence

    • Diminutive suffixes



Method of Instruction

Presentation of new material, repetition, substitution, and transposition; Promotion of conversation, making use of all subject matter and grammatical concepts.


1.  Exam  No

2.  Demonstration of Skills:

3.  Class attendance and Class Participation: