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Course Title
Beginning French I


This course is an entry level course designed for those students who have had little or no prior experience in the French language. It is a life saver course for those students planning a trip to a French-speaking country with an emphasis on real life situations. Grammar will be introduced in each lesson.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • ·Communicate on a basic level in the target language
  • .Understand greetings, goodbyes, introductions
  • ·Order in a restaurant and go shopping
  • .Express basic numbers, days, dates, etc.



I. Introduction to French

   A. Pronunciation

   B. Sounds and sound linkage

   C. Acquiring accent

II. “Hello.”

   A. Hellos and goodbyes

   B. Exchanging greetings

   C. Observing basic courtesies

   D. Asking people to speak slowly

   E. Exercises

III. “How much is it?”

   A. Counting to 10

   B. Asking for things

   C. Saying how much of a thing you want

   D. Asking for prices

   E. Exercises

IV. “My name is… What’s yours?”

   A. Counting to 20

   B. Talking about yourself and your family

   C. Saying things that are not so

   D. Saying how old you are

   E. Exercises

V. “Where do you live?”

   A. Numbers from 20-70

   B. Simple and useful questions and likely answers

   C. How to say that things are yours or someone else’s

   D. How to understand prices

   E. Exercises


VI. “What time is it?”

   A. Days of the week

   B. Months of the year

   C. Useful expressions of time

   D. How to ask what you can or cannot do

   E. How to ask for help

   F. Dates

   G. Telling time





Method of Instruction

Presentation of new material, “round table” discussion to motivate students and promote discussion, role playing, story telling. Instructors may supplement with field trips or additional material. Some examples include: eating at a local restaurant, visiting an art exhibit, etc.


1.  Exam:  None

2.  Demonstration of Skills:  Class attendance and participation

3.  Class Participation