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Course Title
Beginning French II


This second level of French will continue to engage students with additional and more complex communicative building blocks and cover additional aspects of the contemporary French culture by providing additional grammatical and conversational tools needed to strengthen the foundation learned in level I.



Upon completion of this course, students will learn expanded structures of pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, to be able to communicate comfortably in French and interact socially with others.



  • Locating people and objects
  • Expressing the absence of something
  • Getting information
  • Describing people, places, and things
  • Talking about family and relatives
  • Identifying rooms in a house
  • Talking about the weather
  • Expressing possession
  • Talking about plans and destinations
  • Expressing what you are doing and making
  • Expressing actions
  • Learning to distinguish between and pronounce selected sounds in French

Each section will also include pronunciation/accent practice, vocabulary, verb construction and other grammatical structure to help the student build conversational skills.  Exercises will be assigned, as found in the text, to help students practice and correct themselves as they progress.  French culture will also be introduced.


None, but LAN 7301 or previous experience with the language will be very helpful.


Method of Instruction

Presentation of new material, "round table" discussion to motivate students and promote discussion, role playing, story telling.  Instructor may supplement with field trips or additional material.  Some examples include eating at a local restaurant, visiting an art exhibit, etc.


Exam: None

Demonstration of skills, class attendance and participation

Class Participation