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Course Title
Beginning French II


This course is designed to provide further and greater capabilities to communicate in a French-speaking environment. The course will build on the background and skills attained during Course I or during any other equivalent course or any real life experiences acquired during residence or work in a French-speaking environment.


Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  •  Better understand and produce the sounds of spoken French;
  •  Acquire greater knowledge of the French Grammar and Structure; 
  •  Participate, better and more comfortably,  in conversations or dialogues containing idiomatic expressions and featuring everyday situations or needs.



I. “The way to…?

    A. How to count from 90 upwards

    B. How to ask for and understand directions

    C. Verbs to describe daily activity

    D. Exercises

II. “What is it like?”

    A. Describing people and things

    B. How to say precisely what you want

    C. Comparing people and objects

    D. Colors

    E. Exercises

III. “Do you like sport?”

    A. Asking and talking about likes and dislikes

    B. Talking about hobbies

    C. Discussing the weather

D. Exercises

    IV. “What should I do?”

    A. Linking phrases

    B. Asking for assistance

    C. How to use pouvoir and vouloir

    D. Giving and understanding instructions

    E. Exercises

V. “In the future”

    A. Saying what you usually do

    B. How to say what you need

    C. Talking about future plans

    D. Using the verbs sortir and venir

    E. Exercises


None but LAN 7301 or previous experience with the language will be very helpful


Method of Instruction

Presentation of new material, "round table" discussion to motivate students and promote discussion, role playing, story telling.  Instructor may supplement with field trips or additional material.  Some examples include eating at a local restaurant, visiting an art exhibit, etc.


Exam: None

Demonstration of skills, class attendance and participation