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Course Title
Beginning Spanish II


This course is the second course in the series of three Beginning Spanish courses and is designed for the student who was completed Beginning Spanish I, or has had some exposure to the Spanish language. Focus will be placed on the continued development of speaking, listening and writing skills.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of syntax of language, including verb conjugation (stem-changing and irregular, Preterit past tense, Present Progressive tense), direct and indirect object pronouns, and contrasting verbs.
  • Express basic thoughts in the present tense using tener and its expressions, comparative forms, affirmative and negative expressions, and pronouns as objects of a preposition, ordinal numbers, and weather expressions. 
  • Demonstrate correct pronunciation, even of unfamiliar works in Spanish.
  • Express and understanding of some cultural characteristics of Spanish-speaking countries.


Certain vocabulary will be covered in each lesson

Lesson I

  1. Irregular verbs tener and venir
  2. Expressions with tener
  3. Comparative forms.
  4. Irregular comparative forms.

Lesson II

  1. Stem-changing verbs
  2. Some uses of the definitive article
  3. Present Progressive
  4. Ordinal numbers

Lesson III

  1. Additional stem-changing verbs
  2. Affirmative and negative expressions
  3. Pronouns as objects of a preposition
  4. Direct object pronouns

Lesson IV

  1. Additional stem-changing verbs
  2. Irregular first-person verbs
  3. Saber contrasted with conocer
  4. Indirect object pronouns

Lesson V

  1. Preterit of regular verbs
  2. Preterit of ser, ir, and estar
  3. Uses of para and por
  4. Weather expressions



None but Beginning Spanish I or experience with the language is helpful.


Method of Instruction

Presentation of new material, repetition, substitution and transposition.  Promotion of conversation, making use of all subject matter and grammatical concepts.  Instructors may supplement with field trips or additional material. 


Exam:  None

Demonstration of Skills:  Class attendance and participation

Class participation:  Expected