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Course Title
Beginning Spanish III


This course is the last in the Beginning Spanish series, designed for the student who has completed Beginning Spanish I and II, or has had moderate exposure to the Spanish language. This course builds on the skills developed in the first two courses.


Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to:

  • Express himself/herself with increasing ease in verbal and written communication
  • Demonstrate ability to communicate using present, simple past tense (preterit), and imperfect verb tenses
  • Exhibit expanded Spanish vocabulary
  • Recognize impact of such factors as customs and traditions, politics, socio-economic situations, etc. in Spanish speaking countries.



New vocabulary will be introduced at the beginning of each lesson.

Lesson I

    • Pedir contrasted with preguntar

    • Special construction with gustar, doler, and hacer falta

    • Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns

    • Direct and indirect object pronouns

    • Direct and indirect pronouns used together.

Lesson II

    • Possessive pronouns

    • Command forms: Ud. and Uds.

    • Uses of object pronouns with command forms

Lesson III

    • Time expressions with hacer

    • Irregular preterits

    • The preterit of stem-changing verbs (e:i and o:u)

    • Command forms:

Lesson IV

    • En and a as equivalents of at

    • The imperfect tense

    • The past progressive

    • The preterit contrasted with the imperfect

Lesson V

    • Changes in meaning with the imperfect and preterit of conocer, saber, and querer

    • Hace meaning ago

    • Uses of se

    • ¿Qué? and ¿cuál? used with ser



Method of Instruction

Presentation of new material, repetition, substitution, and transposition. Promotion of conversation, making use of all subject matter and grammatical concepts. Instructors may supplement with field trips or additional material.       


  1. Exam:  None
  2. Demonstration of Skills:  Attendance and participation
  3. Class Participation:  Expected