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Course Title
Beginning Chinese I


This course is designed for students with little or no exposure to the Mandarin Chinese language.  Students will be introduced to fundamental vocabulary, grammar, speaking skills, and cultural traits that will allow them to communicate through oral exercises.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Express greetings, dates, time concepts and personal inquiries
  • Demonstrate greater ability in pronunciation, even of unfamiliar works, in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Express an understanding of some cultural characteristics of China.



1. Pinyin

  • Initials and finals
  • Tones

 2. Vocabulary

  • Greetings and niceties
  • Numbers
  • Days, dates and general time concepts
  • Personal inquiries
  • Familial relationships

3. Grammar

  • Basic sentence structure - Subject + Verb + object
  • The position of adverbs, time phrases
  • Conjunctions

4. Extension of Chinese culture



Method of Instruction

  • Presentation of new material, repetition, substitution and transposition.
  • Promotion of conversation, making use of all subject matter and grammatical concepts. Instructors may supplement with field trips or additional material.


1.         Exam:  None

2.         Demonstration of Skills: Class attendance and participation

3.         Class Participation:  Expected