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The Craft of Storytelling


Since the beginning of time storytellers have provided rich emotions, entertainment and suspense through oral history and tradition.  In this course you will learn the key aspects of storytelling while building your tale, layer by layer; through character development, flow and cadence, scene and plot.  Meeting times are scheduled so there is time to focus on, write and study structure of stories, develop new stories and practice your presentations. This class is perfect for teachers, parents, grandparents, caregivers, broadcast professionals or anyone who wants to improve their presentation skills.


  • Learn about the craft and history of storytelling; via the spoken word
  • Structure and write stories
  • Practice storytelling and presentations; concentrating on the elements that will breathe life into a story 


  • Review the types of stories and methods of presentations
  • Examine the structural parts of stories/presentations
  • Break down and develop the object of your story or presentation
  • Utilize rhythm and intonation for emphasis and impact
  • Discuss theme and plot in structuring a piece
  • Write and bring your piece to life
  • Unfold the ending and engaging your audience



Method of Instruction

  • Classroom instruction, class participation via presentations and homework assignments


  • Exam:  No
  • Class participation:  Yes
  • Demonstration of skills:  Yes