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Resident Care Director


Learn the latest state rules and regulations in this course specifically designed for assisted living resident care and wellness staff.  This 20-hour course will familiarize nurses, care providers and directors, supervisors-in-charge and executive administrators with the up-to-date policies and practices to comply with North Carolina regulations.  Placement and discharge criteria, documentation and resident records, assessments, care plans, medication administration, tracking methods, as well as safety and training requirements will be covered for both regular assisted living and special care units.


  • Learn the policies and practices to comply with the State of North Carolina's rules and regulations regarding assisted living resident care.


  1. Move-in requirements
    • Functional and risk assessment
    • Cognitive assessment
    • Special care unit requirements
    • Diet and Standing orders
    • LHPS
    • PPD
    • Flu and pneumonia immunization
  2. Care plans and profiles
    • Initial, significant and annual changes
    • Sharing with staff
    • Personal care sheets and schedules
    • Developing profiles and quarterly reviews for SCU
  3. Resident Records
    • Chart Order
    • FL 2 and Discharge Summaries
    • Verifying orders
    • Assessments
    • Care plans and profile reviews
    • LHPS, original and quarterly
    • Diet and Standing orders
    • Flu and pneumonia immunization
    • Doctor's orders every six months
    • Documenting provider visits and communications
    • Progress and nurses' notes
  4. Medication Management
    • Doctor's orders
    • Change orders
    • Following up on orders
    • Med chart
    • MAR documentation and new month MAR's
    • Communication with pharmacy
    • Pharmacy back up procedures
    • Quarterly pharmacy review
  5. Medical Cost Report and Documentation
    • Scheduling
    • Policies
    • PTO
    • Attendance and tardiness
  6. Staff Training
    • Initial - fire and safety, OSHA, confidentiality, policies and checklist
    • Documentation - care sheets, shift reports, resident records
    • LHPS
    • Med Tech competency checklist and test
    • Annual pharmacy CEU's, psychotropic meds, diabetes
    • Dementia care - initial six hours, 20 hours in six months, annual
    • SIC CEU's
    • In service and continuing education
  7. Tracking Compliance Spreadsheets
  8. Relationship and Communication with Hospice
  9. Monitoring Relationships



Method of Instruction

Classroom instruction, class participation and homework assignments


Exam:  No

Class participation :  Yes

Demonstration of skills:  Yes