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Lean Manufacturing


Lean Manufacturing is currently one of the leading process improvement methodologies worldwide.  In an increasingly competitive global market, its customer and process based focus on reducing non-value added activities allows companies to provide superiour quality products and services in a timely manner with lower costs.  The creative input of all employees is emphasized to improve workflow, productivity, efficiency, and workplace organization while reducing inventory and interruptions.


Demonstrate understanding of Lean Manufacturing history and concepts

Overview of Lean tools and techniques:

  • 5S system
  • point of use storage
  • standardized work
  • workload balance
  • preventive maintenance
  • quality at the source
  • values stream mapping
  • kaizen events
  • lean cell design
  • quick changeovers
  • push vs pull
  • spaghetti diagram
  • takt and cycle times
  • one piece flo
  • poka yoke
  • kanban

Demonstration of Lean tools and concepts using factory simulations and kaizen event.

Learn how to use Lean at your place of work.


Lean History and concepts

Lean simulation exercise

Kaizen Event

Summary and Lean Simulation wrap - up



Method of Instruction

discussion, simulation, participation


Demonstration of lean tools, class participation