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Value Stream Mapping


This course trains participants in the value stream mapping process. Value stream mapping techniques are taught in the classroom and then applied to value streams that the participants manage. Current and future state maps will be designed and then an action plan will be developed to achieve the future state.


  • To introduce the value stream mapping (VSM) process in a hands-on manner so participants can successfully utilize VSM in their home facility.
  • To develop participants’ ability to “see the flow” of a value stream and design an improved value stream.
  • To learn the basic mapping concepts, mapping icons, and map layout.


Day 1:

  1. Welcome and Introductions

    2.  Classroom instructions on developing a current state map

    3.  Team exercise to develop current state map for value stream in their home facility

    4.  Team presentation of current state map

 Day 2:

  1. Classroom instructions on developing a future state map
  2. Team exercise to develop future state map from the previous day’s current state map
  3. Team presentation of future state map
  4. Team development of plan to achieve future state map
  5. Wrap-Up / Q&A



Method of Instruction

Lecture and Participative


Demonstration of Skills:     Yes

Class Participation:            Yes