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Lean Enterprise Certification Program


This is a quick-start certification program providing comprehensive training and development in lean enterprise and the concepts of lean office work structure.

Designed as a 40 hour certification course, this program sharply focused on the development of lean business practices in administrative and non-production functional areas. This high-impact program develops participant skills for proficiency in lean concepts, tools, and methods to advance operational effectiveness and efficiency.  With this skill base, all organizations will derive profound benefit from this developmental program.

At the completion of this concentrated program of study, the participant will take a proctored certification examination. Successful completion of this examination will certify the participant as a Lean Enterprise Specialist


Upon completion the student will be able to analyze processes and procedures and utilize lean tools for improvement.


  • Lean manufacturing history and concept
  • Lean business/administration application/lean business paradigm
  • Shaping organizational culture/leading change/the critical mass of change
  • Pull dynamics of business administration/Stabilization and Optimization
  • Shift from departmental to flow/sub-optimization awareness
  • Cellular processing concepts 5-S philosophy and practical application
  • Visual controls; Kanban
  • Six Sigma concepts, DMAIC methodology and tools, customer focus (VOC), CTQ inputs, COPQ (Cost of Poor Quality) understanding and eliminating sources of variability and waste
  • JIT systems, set up/changeover reduction
  • Process mapping, flow diagrams/value stream concepts
  • Lean Office measures/using Activity-Based Accounting
  • Problem solving techniques: Cause & Effect analysis, Five whys, Pareto 80/20
  • Continuous improvement monitoring: Kaizen principles
  • Performance measurement/competitive benchmarking
  • Customer-focused Business Operations Systems (BOS)



Method of Instruction

Lecture, group discussion, activity