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Motorcycle Safety: Basic Rider Course


Designed for those with no motorcycle riding experience, yet advanced enough to increase knowledge and riding skills of more experienced riders.  Satisfactory completion of course provides a waiver for the skills portion of the N.C. DMV license test. Must be 16 years old.


  • Be able to locate and operate motorcycle controls.
  • Be able to select and use protective riding gear.
  • Be able to perform a pre-ride check of the motorcycle.
  • Perform basic riding skills such as mounting, starting, riding, with correct posture, using friction zone, shifting, turning and stopping.
  • Understand and apply street strategies for safe riding.
  • Practice evasive maneuvers to avoid incidents
  • Learn how to operate a motorcycle in special riding situations- wet roadways, carrying passengers and/ or loads, and group riding.
  • Learn advantages of riding a motorcycle


Required: A valid email address must be on file to receive eCourse instructions for completion before first day of class.  On average, eCourse can be completed in approximately 3 hours.

 Motorcycle Safety Class Requirements

Basic Rider Course

  • Introduction to Motorcycling
    • Understanding the challenge of motorcycling and rider responsibilities.
    • Understand overall course objective
    • Understand course completion requirements and schedule.
  •   Motorcycle Controls
    • Primary Controls
    • Proper use of handlebars, brakes and clutch
  •   Preparing to Ride
    • Preparing yourself to ride.
    • Selecting protective riding gear.
    • How to perform a pre-ride check of the motorcycle.
  •    Basic Riding Skills
    • Mounting the motorcycle and starting the engine.
    • Using the Friction Zone correctly
    • Turning, shifting, braking and riding with correct riding posture.
  •   Street Strategies
    • Visibility
    • Lane positioning
    • Applying street strategies
  •   Advanced Turning and Braking
    • Turing and maximum braking.
    • Stopping in a curve.
    • Swerving
  •   Special Riding Situations
    • Roadway conditions/preparing to handle motorcycle under adverse conditions.
    • Carrying passengers/loads.
    • Group riding
    • Effects of drugs and alcohol on motorcyclist’s ability to ride safely



  • 16 Years of age
  • Registration for anyone under 18 requires a signed a parental waiver.
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Must be able to ride a bicycle and balance

Method of Instruction

  • PowerPoint slides, textbook, lecture, discussion, demonstration.


  • Exam:  YES
  • Demonstration of Skills:  Knowledge exam, written, Riding Skills Evaluation.
  • Class Participation:  YES attendance required for all sessions.

The class is physically demanding and mentally fatiguing. If for any reason a student cannot successfully complete this class, he or she will need to re-register at his or her own expense.