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Motorcycle Safety: Experienced Rider Course (BRC2)


Designed for licensed motorcyclists or those with NC permit.  BRC2 covers street riding strategies and reinforces traction, cornering and counter-steering skills. Students must provide a safe, street-ready two-wheeled motorcycle.  Proof of insurance required.  Written and riding skills tests required for those seeking skills waiver for NC DMV license test.  Must be 16 years old. 


Recognize and deal with hazards to reduce risks Know principles of stopping, stopping on a curve, stopping in shortest distance Counter-steering for cornering and swerving Cornering judgment and cornering traction control Alcohol and other drugs and riding Motorcycle setup / adjustment, pre-ride check Take the NC DMV Waiver riding and written exam (optional)


Required: A valid email address must be on file to receive eCourse instructions for completion before first day of class.  On average, eCourse can be completed in approximately 3 hours. The Basic Rider Course 2 - License Waiver Preparation Course is designed for motorcycle riders who are already licensed or have a NC permit and wish to obtain full NC licensure.  This one day course covers street riding strategies and reinforces important information about traction, cornering and counter-steering. Students must provide a safe, street-ready two wheeled motorcycle.  Riders must provide proof of insurance in class. Students looking to obtain a waiver for the skills portion of the NC DMV license test must pass a written and riding skills test.  Must be at least 16 years old. Please note that if you are under 18, a parental waiver must be signed. If for any reason a student cannot successfully complete this class, he or she will need to re-register at their own expense.   Motorcycle Safety Class Requirements Basic Rider Course 2 Topics include: Traction     Cornering Counter-steering Includes 9 skills exercises


Must have motorcycle license or permit, and safe, street- ready motorcycle with insurance and registration Proof of insurance required Participants should have 3,000 miles or 6 months' experience riding a motorcycle

Method of Instruction

Lecture, riding, demonstrations


Exam:  optional Skills evaluation: optional For purposes of waiver, skills exam and riding evaluation are mandatory Class Participation: Yes