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Course Title
Digital Photographer Certificate


The bundle course of the Digital Photographer Certificate is comprised of four courses. The course begins with the fundamentals of starting your career in digital photography. The student will learn digital camera basics, photographic metering and composition, principles of photographing motion and HDR photography, basic flash and portrait photography, and how to use Adobe Photoshop and Light Room in post-production processing.


Upon completion of this 56-hour training program, the participant will be able to: 

  • Use a Digital SLR camera and metering techniques better than 99% of the people
  • Understand the different visual skills of photographic depth of field and composition
  • Photograph wildlife, kids, and sports through the advanced techniques of of motion photography
  • Capture quality pictures through correct methods of flash and portrait photography
  • Process images using post-production Adobe Photoshop and Light Room software



  • Understanding the Digital SLR Camera
    • Photographic Metering
    • Visual Skills
      • Photographic Depth of Field
  • Principles of Photographic Composition
    • Macro and Close-up Photography
    • Principles of Photographing Motion
    • Wildlife Photography
    • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography
  • Photographying People
    • Basic Flash Photography
    • Basic Portrait Photography
    • Putting it all together (Review)
  • Photographic Post-Production Processing
    • Image Post-Production Processing
      • Adobe Photoshop Light Room
      • Adobe Photoshop for Photographers


Students must bring a digital SLR camera to class.  Working knowledge of the Windows platform is required. 

Method of Instruction

This 56-hour course is a traditional instructor-led course with lecture, demonstration, hands-on exercises and field work.


  • Exam: NO
  • Class participation: YES
  • Demonstration of Skills: YES