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.NET Fundamentals


.NET jobs in Charlotte continue to rise! Are you ready to learn something new? .NET solves problems that have plagued programmers in the past, but helps programmers develop the applications of the future.  NET isn't going away and this course will help you get started by mapping to one of the Microsoft Developer Certification exams (98-372).


Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand .NET Framework Concepts
  • Understand Namespaces and Classes in the .NET Framework
  • Understand.NET Code Compilation
  • Understand I/O Classes in the .NET Framework
  • Understand Security
  • Understand.NET Languages
  • Understand Memory Management
  • Content

    • Module 1: Understanding Object-Oriented Programming
      Module 2: Understanding Data Types and Collections
      Module 3: Understanding Events and Exceptions
      Module 4: Understanding Code Compilation and Deployment
      Module 5: Understanding Input/Output (I/O) Classes
      Module 6: Understanding Security

    Method of Instruction

    Traditional instructor-led with practice labs and reading assignments.


    Exam: Yes

    In Class Participation: Yes

    Demonstration of Skills: Yes