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MTA Certification: Web Development Fundamentals


Validate your new IT skills with the Microsoft Technology Associate certification. In this course, you will master the basic skills of creating basic and interactive Web pages. Web Development is the second course in the MTA Fundamental track for Web Apps. Your next step is to register for MTA HTML5.  


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:


  • Understand of XML, the DataSet, DataReader and WCF.   
  • Understand  database controls and objects.  
  • Understand the fundamentals of Client-Side Scripting and Ajax Concepts as well as handling debugging and errors.  
  • Configure and deploy web applications 



Lesson 1: Creating a Web Page

Lesson 2: Creating an Interactive Web Page

Lesson 3: Understanding XML, The DataSet, The DataReader and WCF

Lesson 4: Understanding Database Controls and Objects

Lesson 5: Understanding Client-Side Scripting and Ajax Concepts

Lesson 6: Debugging and Error Handling

Lesson 7: Configuring Web Applications

Lesson 8: Deploying Web Applications


MTA Software Fundamentals or equivalent knowledge

Method of Instruction

Traditional instructor-led with practice lab exercise and reading assignments.


In class participation and MTA certification.