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MTA Certification: HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals


The Microsoft Technology Associate certification (MTA) validates your new skills sets. Learn how to build the user interface using HTML5 and the fundamentals of JavaScript coding. This course is the third course in the MTA fundamental track for Web Apps. Your next step is to take HTML or JavaScript in the Web Technologies series.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

• Manage the Application Life Cycle
• Build the User Interface by Using HTML5 
• Format the User Interface by Using CSS 
• Code by Using JavaScript 


Lesson 1: Managing the Application Life Cycle 1

Lesson 2: Building the User Interface by Using HTML5: Text, Graphics, and Media 21

Lesson 3: Building the User Interface by Using HTML5: Organization, Input, and Validation 53

Lesson 4: Understanding CSS Essentials: Content Flow, Positioning, and Styling 87

Lesson 5: Understanding CSS Essentials: Layouts 110

Lesson 6: Managing Text Flow by Using CSS 137

Lesson 7: Managing the Graphical Interface by Using CSS 159

Lesson 8: Understanding JavaScript and Coding Essentials 189

Lesson 9: Creating Animations, Working with Graphics, and Accessing Data 215

Lesson 10: JavaScript Coding for the Touch Interface, Device and Operating System Resources, and More 243


MTA: Software Fundamentals or equivalent knowledge

Method of Instruction

Traditional instructor-led with practice labs and reading assignments.


In-class participation and MTA certification exam.