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Course Title
Bridge the Gap


This course is designed as part two, along with OAP 7010, Healthcare Activity Director, of a fast track alternative to (MEPAP I – Modular Educational Program for Activity Professionals) for individuals pursuing national certification with the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals (NCCAP).  When used in conjunction with the Healthcare Activity Director course, the Bridge the Gap course will fulfill the requirements for the 90 hour MEPAP (Modular Educational Program for Activity Professionals), 2nd edition, Part I.  It also serves as a prerequisite for OAP 7007, Activity Director Part II.



To build on the skills and knowledge obtained in the Healthcare Activity Directors course and to enable the graduate to improve the quality of life of residents in a long term care community. 


Historical Background

  • History of the activity professional education movement

Agencies and Institutions

  • Local community;  Legal Business Ethics
  • NC State Laws, outside of activities that affect operations ( ex.:  ADA)
  • Federal
    • Grant money
    • Federal funding available (outside Medicare/Medicaid)
    • Research
    • Data Collection


  • Federal regulations related to activities (not just tags 248 and 249)

Support Systems

  • Community services available to seniors

Human Development

  • Advocacy on behalf of seniors
  • Living wills, advance care directions, etc.

Standards of Practice – Practitioner Behavior

  • NAAP’s Standards of Practice for Activity Professionals

Methods of Service Delivery

  • Volunteer Programs
  • Re-motivation
  • Financial management within the Activity Department (fundraisers and budgets)


  • Healthcare Activity Director class, OAP 7010-W1, and HRD 6025-28W

Method of Instruction

  • Classroom instruction, class participation, homework assignments,  online component and  preceptorship


  • Exam – Yes
  • Class participation – yes
  • Preceptorship - yes