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Sustainability in Project Management


Within the past few years, a lot of attention and resources have been given to the importance of sustainable development. These initiatives, as well as soaring energy costs, have produced the need to merge environmentally-friendly approaches with traditional project management methodologies.

This workshop is for anyone involved in projects who wishes to practice sustainable project management while bringing projects in on time and on budget in the real world. The Total Systems Education “4-5-6” Approach enables project teams to fuse best practices from both the ISO14000 and PMI PMBOK® Guide standards, while exploring options for producing sustainable, renewable and environmentally-viable products and services.

Upon completion, participants involved with PMI and the PMP® certification program are awarded 16 PDUs. Total Systems Education’s Global R.E.P. number is 1270.


Upon completion, participants will be able to use the Total Systems Education “4-5-6” Approach to:

  • Develop environmentally-conscious Project and Phase Plans;
  • Estimate work effort, resources and schedules for successful and efficient project completion;
  • Describe the challenges of managing Cross Functional, Task-Force, Matrix and Hierarchical teams, while fostering a “sustainable” mentality;
  • Negotiate with Staff, Support Groups, Vendors, and Contractors while maintaining focus on environmental and waste-reduction activities;
  • Implement a Change Management plan, including analysis of any environmental impacts the changes may produce;
  • Track and Report the status of the project using traditional and/or “paperless” approaches;
  • Identify and Plan to mitigate Project, Product and Environmental Risk factors;
  • Describe the impact of Sustainable approaches on Product Scope and Quality Management;
  • Achieve Sustainable process goals even on non-Green projects;
  • Describe the use of software to Plan, Organize, Schedule, Control, Track & Report projects.


GREEN PROJECT MANAGEMENT  --   (The “4-5-6” Approach!)

  • Introduction and Course Objectives
  • The Sustainable Revolution
  • Traditional Project Management
  • Sustainable Project Management -- Achieving practical environmental gains throughout the project life-cycle, while operating within project constraints.
  • Envisioning a Sustainable Project – “4-5-6” – The Initiating Process Group
  • Planning for Success – “4-5-6” – The Planning Process Group
  • Changing the World – “4-5-6” – The Executing Process Group
  • Walking the Walk – “4-5-6” – The Monitoring and Controlling Process Group
  • Greenfields Forever – “4-5-6” – The Closing Process Group
  • Taking Responsibility – PMI’s Code of Professional Responsibility
  • Conclusion



Method of Instruction

Instructional methods for this two-day program are lecture, discussion, detailed case study workshops, exercises and presentations. These materials are aligned with the PMI PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge).  Upon request for contract clients, demonstration and use of Microsoft Project can be included, as well as in-house standards and policies which may apply.


Participation in class discussions and exercises; completion of skill practices; participation in group activities expected.