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Leading the Way in Stakeholder Management


Increase your ability to identify and influence stakeholders at all levels.  Identify root cause needs and leverage relationships from board room to team war room to maximize project success.   Strategize team management as an integrated system to deliver a project on-scope, on-schedule and on-budget.  Includes PMBOK® principles and practical tools for success. Eligible for 16 PDUs (PMI®). This course is required for both Project Management and PMI-Professional in Business Analysis Plus Certificate Programs.



  • Demonstrate how managing stakeholder expectations effectively reduces project risk
  • Describe the Project Manager’s responsibility in managing stakeholders cross-functionally and vertically on a project
  • Identify stakeholders and assess their root-cause needs Compile senior stakeholder wants and convert them into project requirements and needs
  • Apply best approach to influence stakeholders and align goals during planning and execution of the project
  • Communicate key stakeholder needs among the project team
  • Describe how to keep all stakeholders motivated and focused on project requirements for success
  • Illustrate the importance of project team building techniques
  • Demonstrate how to manage special circumstances surrounding a Virtual Team
  • Plan and Execute effective project communications (including risk management meetings, conference calls, bid meetings etc)


I. Introduction and Course Objectives

A. PMI® as a Resource

B. Real world project leadership

II. Stakeholder Integration

A. Leadership from Start to Close

1. Identifying Stakeholders

2. Managing Internally

3. Managing Externally

4. Managing Vertically

5. Managing Horizontally

B. Planning Stakeholder Engagement

C. Managing Stakeholder Engagement

D. Controlling Stakeholder Engagement

III. Communications

A. Written Formal

B. Written Informal

C. Verbal Formal

D. Verbal Informal

IV. Negotiations

A. Win-Win Strategy

B. When to Take the “No” V. Leadership from Start to Close



Method of Instruction

Instructional methods for this one day class are lecture, discussion, exercises, simulations, role plays and workshops. Reference to and inclusion of the PMI® PMBOK are certainly included and applied to real-world situations. Session also includes participant discussions and feedback of on-going project situations.


Participation in class discussions and exercises; completion of skill practices; participation in group exercises during class is expected.