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Course Title
Beginning Portuguese I


This course is designed for students with little or no exposure to the Portuguese language. Students will be introduced to fundamental vocabulary, grammar, speaking skills and cultural traits that will allow them to communicate through written and oral exercises.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of syntax of language, including verb conjugation, gender of nouns, use and placement of articles
  • Express basic thoughts in the present tense such as time, personal information, and foods
  • Demonstrate correct pronunciation, even of unfamiliar words, in Portuguese
  • Express an understanding of some cultural characteristics of Portuguese speaking countries


  1. Greetings and farewells
  2. Cardinal numbers 0-39
  3. The alphabet
  4. Days of the week
  5. Months of the year
  6. Colors
  7. Gender and number
  8. Definite and indefinite articles
  9. Subject pronouns
  10. Present indicative of to be 
  11. Uses of to be 
  12. Cardinal numbers 40-299
  13. Present indicative of regular verbs
  14. Interrogative and negative sentences
  15. Forms and positions of adjectives
  16. Telling time
  17. Cardinal numbers 300-1000
  18. Agreement of aticles, nouns, and adjectives
  19. Present indicative of more regular verbs
  20. Possessive adjectives
  21. Irregular verbs   
  22. Contractions
  23. Some irregular verbs in present tense 
  24.  Culture



Method of Instruction

Presentation of new material, repetition, substitution and transposition.  Promotion of conversation, making use of all subject matter and grammatical concepts. Instructors may supplement with field trips or additional material.  Some examples include: eating at a local restaurant, learning Latin and/or Brazilian dance steps, visiting an art exhibit.


Exam: To be determined by instructor

Demonstration of Skills: Class attendance and participation

Class participation: Expected