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PayTrain Level 1


The PayTrain Level 1 course teaches the fundamental payroll calculations, completion of forms, and applications.  This course is ideal for new payroll professionals, those who support the payroll industry, and/or those preparing for the Fundamentals of Payroll Certification (FPC) exam, developed by American Payroll Association, and is a suggested prerequisite to PayTrain Level 2.  Successful completion of this course in no way guarantees passing score on exam.  Testing/eligibility requirements and exam information:


  • Students will gain payroll concepts in the Level 1 body of knowledge.
  • Students will practice their payroll knowledge through exercises and class participation


1. Module 1: Payroll Concepts

2. Module 2: Calculations of Pay

3. Module 3: Calculations of Deductions and Net Pay

4. Module 4: Fringe Benefits and Other Payments

5. Module 5: Retirement Plans

6. Module 6: Cafeteria Plans

7. Module 7: Payroll Reporting and Employment Taxes

8. Module 8: Record Keeping and Payroll Practices

9. Module 9:  Payroll Accounting and Audits

10. Module 10:  Payroll Administration


  • None

Method of Instruction

  • Lecture, Class Participation, Power Point Slides, Exercises




  • Exam: No
  • Class Participation: Yes
Demonstration of Skills: Yes