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Course Title
Programming Algorithm Fundamentals


Algorithms are the key to writing code.  It is the backbone of any program.  The objective of this class is to teach how algorithms can be different but with the same purpose or end goal.  Using the creative approach to our day to day living; we will look at how algorithms can help you think smarter when performing practical tasks and solve problems easier. 


This class will teach you the skills to implement an algorithmic approach when looking at a data structure and design; including:

  • Using a divide-and-conquer approach to solving problems
  • Performing algorithm measurement


Target Audience:

This class is essential for any individual that needs to understand how algorithms are used to achieve some meaningful objective in finite time.  Program Developers, BA's, IT Project Managers among others. If you are serious about coding or working with computers, you should consider this course.

CPCC Continuing Education Certificate:

Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate for Continuing Education Units.

Industry Certification:

No equivalent standard industry certification.


Course Details:

  1. Defining what is meant by algorithm and using algorithmic thinking in everyday life.
  2. Relying on computers to use algorithms to provide solutions
  3. Considering algorithm design to solve a problem
  4. Using a divide-and-conquer approach to solving problems
  5. Performing algorithm measurement

Method of Instruction

Lecture with demonstration, discussion, hands-on exercises and problem solving.  May have outside assignments.


Participation and completion of skill practices expected.  Class attendance is required for successful completion.