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Offset Concepts


Our overview class for offset litho is designed for anyone that wants to learn more about the offset printing process. This class features hands on training in offset prepress and printing as well as an overview of the industry as a whole.  Our Graphics Arts and Imaging Technology staff will walk you through the offset printing process from concept to actual printed product. We keep the class size small to maximize the hands on time. If you work in any aspect of printing this is a good offset overview class.



  • Overview of the offset printing industry
  • Learn the types of product printed with offset and how to tell one process from another
  • Understand printing steps, inks, and substrate for offset.
  • Learning how to pre-press for offset; from computer to plates
  • Knowing the general offset press makeup and safety
  • Printing a job either one or two colors from start to finish
  • Properly cleanup and storage of inks, paper, equipment


Overview of Industry

Discussion of offset printing and how to know offset from another

Steps all printers take

Inks, Substrates, Equipment

Using the computer to output a file: Trap and RIP

Output file and make plate: Digital

Learn press parts and safety

Set press up for print

Print and Clean up

Question and Answer session



Method of Instruction



Exam: no

Class Participation: yes

Demonstration of skills: yes