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Course Title
Mindful Health Workshop


Leave your everyday stress at the door and join us as we work to rediscover peace, health, happiness and sleep all in a nurturing, compassionate and comfortable environment. This course will introduce you with a variety of relaxation techniques including meditation and laughter yoga; each designed to calm your mind, soothe your body and renew your spirit.


  • Introduction in breathing exercise and meditation
  • laughter yoga session
  • sleep soundly and feel the energy session


Session #1

  • Introduction and demonstration of proper breathing for stress reduction.  Utilizing our full potential through breathing helps to reduce stress, rejuvenate the body and provide an overall feeling of balance and happiness.  This is the basic introduction to the "right" way to breathe, how to recognize changes in the breath caused by stress, and how to use the breath to relieve stress.
  • Practice breathing techniques, relaxation and relaxation techniques
  • Discussion of mindful meditation's mental benefits.  Practical knowledge to eliminate counter productive activity and enhance learning ability; techniques and interactive processes to improve memory, concentration and focus.
  • Practice breathing techniques, relaxation and mindful meditation.

Session #2

  • Discussion and review of breathing techniques, mindful meditation, laughter yoga and sleep soundly
  • Active participation in laughter yoga
  • Practice breathing techniques, relaxation and mindful meditation
  • Bedtime rituals of breathing exercises including a guided session in the practice of Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep).
  • Discussion and practice of mindful meditation's social benefits.  Experiential processes that develop problem solving strategies, leadership and life skills
  • Participate in interactive games and teamwork exercises to teach cooperation and conflict resolution
  • Discussion of mindful meditation's emotional benefits.  Group discussions designed to help students fell at ease in challenging situations, and increase confidence and inner strength to better handle criticism and peer pressure.
  • Practice breathing techniques, relaxation and mindful meditation



  • None

Method of Instruction

  • Workshop


  • Exam:   no
  • Demonstration of skills:   yes
  • Class participation:   yes