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Course Title
Yoga for Beginners


Learn the tradition of Yoga.  For 5,000 years Yoga has been used to enhance one’s physical and mental well-being.  This course introduces the basic discipline of Yoga to new students and progresses, at the students own pace, to more advanced techniques. Topics include proper breathing techniques, relaxation and correct body positions.


  • Understand the basic components of a yoga practice, including breathing techniques (pranayama) and techniques for relaxation and meditation.  In addition, the student will be able to demonstrate proper body alignment and classical yoga postures.  Upon completion, the student will develop a practice flow that can be practiced outside of class.


  1. Centering/OM
  2. Warm-ups
  3. Relaxation & Meditation
  4. Closing & Integration


  • None.

*Contraindicated for pregnancy, unmedicated high blood pressure, and any head related issues, including eyes.

Method of Instruction

  • Focus on physical practice with posture demonstrations, and limited “lecture” time.


  • Exam:       No                              
  • Demonstration of Skills:    Yes
  • Class Participation:     Yes

Handouts and classroom materials include: 

-Practice Guide-The Basic Session