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Tennis for Beginners


Tennis is an affordable outdoor activity that can provide a lifetime of enjoyment. Students will learn the fundamentals of the game enabling them to enjoy recreational tennis. Tennis rules, etiquette, court play and basic strokes: forehand, backhand, serve, volley, overhead, drop shot and lob.



  • Perform elementary skills for forehand, backhand, serve, volley and, time permitting, smash.
  • Be introduced to singles and double play, understand elementary strategies and rules.


  1. Introduce forehand-grip, racket back, contact point, footwork, etc.  Forehand tossing drills, introduction to backhand grip. 
  2. Review forehand-grip.  Work on backhand, tossing drills.  Combine forehand & backhand.  Introduction to serve-stance, grip, back swing, serve, practice drills, etc. 
  3. Review backhand.  Work on serve.  Introduce keeping score, play some singles. 
  4. Introduce doubles procedures-play some doubles. 
  5. Introduce Volley-forehand & backhand-tossing drills with emphasis on position. 
  6. Review of forehand, backhand, and serve.  Re-visit singles & doubles play, keeping score. 
  7. Play singles and doubles.  Teach how to play a tiebreaker in singles & doubles.
  8. Review of previous class skills.  *time permitting introduce overhand smash, catching drills to full overhead smash.


  • None

Method of Instruction

  • Learn by doing; class attendance and participation