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Belly Dance


Belly dancing is a wonderful, fun way to exercise and celebrate the human form in all shapes and sizes. Today belly dancing is highly regarded as a fun way to strengthen core muscle and keep fit. Learn to isolate core muscles to create smooth, undulating movements and control individual parts of the body in the abdomen, pelvis and spine for greater fitness and flexibility. 


  • Learn the origin and history of belly dancing
  • Understand the basics of body isolation and use of core muscles
  • Use belly dancing as a means to fitness
  • Learn a short dance choreography


Week 1: A brief history of belly dance in America -- Basics of body isolation -- using your core muscles -- separating upper and lower body movements -- introduction to drum solo music and choreography: hip hits and arm positions.

Week 2: Drum solo choreography: hip slides and infinity loops, upper body moves, traveling steps.

Week 3: Drum solo choreography: shimmies and more traveling steps.

Week 4: Review and practice of drum solo choreography and introduction to finger cymbals (optional)

Week 5: Introduction to Lyrical music and choreography.

Week 6: Lyrical choreography: hip circles and more traveling steps.

Week 7: Lyrical choreography: review of all technique and finish choreography.

Week 8: Putting it all together – full choreography review and practice followed by a costuming show and tell!


  • None

Method of Instruction

  • Lectures, demonstration and class participation


  • Class attendance and participation