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Course Title
Carolina Shag


Born at the beach, Carolina Shag is the beloved dance of the Carolinas and a favorite at local clubs and parties. This fun-filled class gets you up to speed with the fundamental steps in Carolina Shag dancing: basic eight-count, start, turn, pivot, lean and boogie walk, crossover, sugar foot and belly roll. Learn why this dance has endured and is still a "staple" of the local dance scene.


The student will learn the basic shag steps:

  • Basic
  • Start
  • Female, Male: side-by-side turns
  • Prep Steps: front-back
  • Boogie Walk
  • Pivot
  • Belly Roll
  • Sugar Foot


  1. Class I
    • Basic Step
  2. Class II
    • Female Turn 
    • Male Turn
    • Side-by-side turn
  3. Class III
    • Start
  4. Class IV
    • Front Prep
    • Back Prep
  5. Class V
    • Boogie Walk
  6. Class VI
    • Pivot
    • Belly Roll
  7. Class VII
    • Sugar Foot
    • Line Dance
    • Review


  • Students should enroll with a partner for maximum enjoyment

Method of Instruction

  • Demonstration with step break-down and student practice of steps


  • Exam:  No
  • Demonstration of Skills: Yes
  • Class Participation: Yes