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Intermediate Shag


Now that you've mastered the fundamental shag steps, kick it up a notch in this fun-filled part two class. Dust off those dancing shoes as you learn and practice the next steps in the art of shag dance.  You and your partner will be the envy of dancers at the beach, local clubs and at parties as you master show-off steps in intermediate shag.


Learn the intermediate shag dance steps such as:       

  • 6-Kick
  • Charleston
  • Hook
  • Double Prep
  • Double Pam
  • Double-Kick Back


Introduction and practice of the following intermediate shag steps:

6-kick, Charleston, Hook, Double Prep, Double Pam, and Double-Kick Back.   

*Time permitting and class interest will allow for the introduction to some of the following intermediate dance steps:

Toe–Heel, Spanky, Arch, Terri, Sharon, Triple Basic, Traveling Belly Roll, Junior, Funky Applejack, Cha Cha Turn, Boogie Turn, Bump.  



REC 8955 - Beginning Shag or knowledge and mastery of the basic steps in shag dance

Method of Instruction

Demonstration; with step breakdown and student practice in class.


  • Exam:  No
  • Demonstration of Skills:  Yes
  • Class Participation:  Yes