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Course Title
Real Estate Broker Pre-Licensing


This course is approved by the N.C. Real Estate Commission to satisfy the educational requirements for a broker license. You will learn basic real estate principles and practices and license laws, rules and regulations of the NCREC in preparation for the state exam. This course is content intensive. Students should be competent in reading comprehension, solving math problems, and working in the computer.


  • To provide students with basic knowledge and skills necessary to function as an entry level real estate sales agent, and
  • To help students prepare for the real estate salesperson license examination given monthly by the NC Real Estate Commission.
  • To assist students in achieving a "Satisfactory" grade. The final exam grade must be a numerical grade of 80% or better.  Details are provided in the course syllabus and course catalogue.


  1. Introduction, Course Overview
    • Basic Real Estate Concepts
    • Real Estate Mathematics Review (Calculating area)
  2. Property Ownership Interests
    • Property Taxation & Assessment
  3. Property Description
    • Transfer of Title to Real Property
  4. Land Use Controls (Zoning, Deed Restrictions)
    • Environmental Issues and Real Estate Transactions
    • Real Estate Brokerage and Law of Agency
  5. Real Estate Brokerage and Law of Agency
    • Fair Housing (omit Code of Ethics)
  6. Real Estate Contract (Sales Contracts)
  7. Real Estate Contracts and Practices
  8. Landlord-Tenant Act
  9. Real Estate Financing
  10. Closing Real Estate Transactions
  11. License Law, Commission Rules and Trust
    • Account Guidelines
  12. Basic House Construction
  13. Real Property Valuation
    • Real Estate Management
    • Property Insurance
    • Federal Taxation of Real Property
  14. Comprehensive Final Exam




Method of Instruction

Textbook, Lecture, Discussion, Learning Resources on Moodle, and Examinations


Student learning will be assessed through two mid-course exams and a final end of course exam. Student must score a minimum grade of 75% or better on the final exam as well as meet other criteria as outlined in course syllabus.